Name:  Robert Paul Rathbun
Born in Boston, Massachusetts:  February 7, 1936.
Graduated Perkins School for the Blind:  1941-55 with a high school diploma.
Graduated Tufts University:  1955-59 with a B.A. degree.
Graduated Gordon Divinity School:  1959-62 with a B.D. degree.
Born again:  Summer of 1955.
Pastored Fifth Street Baptist Church in Lowell, Massachusetts:  1963 to the present.
Married:  Oct. 10, 1964.
Two sons, no daughters.
Two grandchildren–a boy and a girl.
Taught at the Northeastern School of Theology and Missions, Dracut, Massachusetts.
Editor of the Gospel Messenger magazine.
Bible instructor at the Hadley (correspondence) School for the Blind.
Totally blind:  glaucoma and detached retina.
Lifelong eastern Massachusetts resident.
Hobbies:  Bible study, chess, listening to music, sports and old-time radio.